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VOS release notes V1.41

Improved functionality

Alternative tipping flow

You can now present tipping options to a customer after they present their card to the terminal. Ask the POS Support Team to configure this for you.

This functionality is available for chip and magnetic swipe transactions, but not contactless transactions.

Display terminal information on the screen

You can now display the following terminal-specific information on a terminal screen:

  • Serial number.
  • Store ID.
  • IP address.

This makes it easier to identify a terminal when you need to connect it to a cash register. Ask the POS Support Team to configure this for you.

Improved contactless payment flow

When making a contactless transaction, the terminal may request that the shopper inserts their card. This request is now displayed immediately.

Fixed issues

  • On e285 terminals:

    • It was possible to scroll horizontally in a vertical menu.
    • When making a gift card balance enquiry, the message Please pay was displayed on the screen. It now asks the shopper to swipe their card.
  • Updates to the V400m Bluetooth base station are now performed after the terminal reboots overnight.

  • A DisplayRequest that does not display correctly on a terminal now returns an error message in the DisplayResponse.