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VOS release notes V1.42

New functionality

Store & Forward

To limit the impact of network outages in stores, we are currently piloting Store & Forward processing. With this feature, the terminal can accept transactions while it is offline, up to a limit set by the merchant. When the terminal is online again, the transaction authorisations are forwarded to the issuer.

Terminal accepts print requests

It is now possible to use the terminal's built-in printer to print a document outside of a payment transaction. You can use this feature to print itemized receipts.

Improved functionality

  • We increased the maximum length of the Store ID from 16 to 256 characters, in accordance with recent changes on the Adyen payments platform.


In this release we fixed the following issues:

  • If the cash register made a request to abort a card acquisition transaction, the terminal responded with a failure even when the card acquisition was cancelled correctly.

  • The dates on receipts could not be configured to use the United States date notation.

  • The card acquisition request did not apply certain selection rules correctly. As a result, shoppers were prompted to select a card brand after inserting the card when the brand should have been selected automatically.

  • With a Terminal API integration, it was possible to start a MOTO transaction on the terminal when the configuration didn't allow this.

  • Sometimes the terminal would freeze when there was no internet connection and network diagnostics were performed more than two times in a row.