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VOS release notes V1.44

New features

Donations with Adyen Giving

Adyen Giving for Point of Sale is a new initiative that is now in its Beta phase. It offers an easy way to enable donations on the payment terminal, without integration changes. After completing a point-of-sale payment, shoppers are presented with an option to donate to the charity shown on the terminal. If the shopper decides to donate, a separate authorisation will be made. As a merchant, you select the charity. Your reconciliation will not be impacted by the donations, because these are reported and settled to the charity.

If you are interested in this feature, get in touch with your Account Manager or contact

Prompt before printing the shopper receipt

In many cases, shoppers are not interested in receiving a receipt for their purchase. To avoid wasting receipt roll paper, you can now configure terminals with an integrated printer to show the question Print receipt? after the transaction is completed. If No, the shopper receipt is not printed.

Contact the POS Support Team to configure this feature for you.

Fiserv (Formerly ValueLink) gift cards

We now support Fiserv (formerly ValueLink) gift cards.

Improved features

  • Terminals can now be set to accept incoming connections over TLS 1.2 only. Contact the POS Support Team to configure this for you.
  • We extended the Store-and-forward feature to contactless payments without PIN.
  • In the Customer Area, the Network tab of the terminal now shows the Wi-Fi band that the terminal uses (2.4 and/or 5 GHz), and indicates whether it is using Wi-Fi roaming.
  • To reduce your risk with MOTO and MKE transactions, you can now configure the maximum amounts that your terminals will allow for those transactions.
    You can configure this in the Customer Area, using the MKE max amount and MOTO max amount fields under Point of sale > Terminal settings > Payment features.

Fixed issues

  • In some cases, when the terminal needed to print, it showed One moment and stopped responding.
  • In some cases the terminal stopped responding when the counter was not reset immediately after printing the totals.
  • The header line of the receipt could not be formatted.
  • When a signature was provided on-screen, it was added to the receipt in BMP format while the configured signature format was 3BA or 4BA.