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VOS release notes V1.45

New features

Pay at table

For hospitality environments, the Terminal API now supports "pay at table". With this new functionality, your guests will enjoy a faster payment process. They can also choose to split the bill, or pay later (for example, when they check out from the hotel).

Manual input of merchant reference

It is now possible to manually enter a custom transaction reference, or merchant reference as it is called in the Customer Area. This custom reference makes it easier to reconcile standalone transactions. It also enables special use cases, for example to give employees commissions based on the transactions they handled. Contact the POS Support Team to configure this feature for you.

Improved features

  • With some currencies, such as the Hungarian Forint, it is customary to show only major units because minor units are no longer used. In these cases, it is now possible to configure the terminal to show only major units. Contact the POS Support Team to configure this feature for you.
  • For Adyen Giving, we improved the user interface in the scenario when a shopper declines to give a donation.

Fixed issues

  • After a reboot, the first synchronization with the Adyen platform was skipped, resulting in a longer time interval between synchronizations.
  • In the Oracle Payment Interface, the store ID was missing for unreferenced refunds, with reconciliation issues as a possible consequence.
  • With Adyen Giving, the option to donate was offered for refunds and other transaction types where it didn't apply. The donate option now only appears on sale transactions.
  • With Adyen Giving, the option to donate could only be offered on terminals that were configured as standalone devices.
  • The WebSocket connection test sometimes reported a successful connection when the terminal was not connected at all.
  • The card acquisition response didn't return the cardholder name.
  • When store staff declined a MOTO transaction because the address verification failed, the transaction was refunded instead of cancelled.
  • The terminal stopped responding when two subsequent messages were sent within milliseconds of each other.
  • Least cost routing on EFTPOS was applied to multi-network credit cards.