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VOS release notes V1.47

New features

Fiserv (formerly Valuelink) gift card operations

In addition to making payments, you can now do all other gift card operations with Fiserv (formerly Valuelink) gift cards, such as activating, loading, and checking the balance.

Love2Shop gift card payments

In the UK, we now support gift card payments with Love2Shop gift cards.

Improved features

Network connection and offline transactions

  • The terminal's MAC address was included in the QR code on the terminal display only when there was a working internet connection. Now, the MAC address is also included when the internet connection is down.

  • When a transaction is declined because of a network connection issue, the error condition you receive for the transaction will be UnreachableHost instead of Refusal.

  • The response for an approved offline transaction now contains the offline authorisation code Y1 in the AdditionalResponse.

  • It is now possible to do store-and-forward transactions with payment methods that require a PIN. Contact our POS Support Team if you want to enable this functionality.

Receipts and printing

  • For approved payments made with an Oney card, we added a line to the receipt to say that the PIN was verified.

  • When the payment flow requires a signature on the receipt and the terminal is configured to automatically approve signatures, the display will show a message to take the merchant receipt before the shopper receipt is printed.

  • If you're using the terminal for receipt printing, we will send the Terminal API response to the cash register immediately. You no longer have to wait for the receipt to be printed.

  • When the terminal is running on a low battery and needs to print, the display will show a warning to connect the terminal to a power supply. Printing will not start until you plug in the terminal. This avoids the problem that the terminal stops responding while printing.

Other improvements

  • We can now configure your account in accordance with the requirements from gift card providers so that the terminal automatically prompts for the gift card PIN or security code when necessary. Contact our POS Support Team if you need this functionality.

  • The Totals that you can view and print on the terminal now include transactions initiated from the cash register. Previously it included only terminal initiated transactions.

  • When you do a refund or MOTO transaction on a Standalone terminal, the terminal can prompt you to enter a transaction reference. You can use this reference in your reconciliation process. Contact our POS Support Team to enable this for you.

  • We now support account data encryption using Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED).

Fixed issues

  • Receipts showed the text 'Paid amount' where it should be 'Transaction amount'.

  • Triggering Brazilian Portuguese on the terminal didn't work as expected.

Known issues

  • It's not possible to make a partial referenced refund for a Terminal API transaction that was processed offline.