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VOS release notes V1.48

New features

Select a payment application on the payment terminal

In accordance with the Multilateral Interchange Fee (MIF) Regulation, it is now possible to select a payment application on the terminal.
With a dual-branded card, the payment application is selected automatically based on the AID priority configuration. To bypass this, the shopper can press the yellow key when the terminal prompts to present the card.
Contact our POS Support Team to enable this for you.

Show a QR code on the terminal display

You can now use the DispayRequest to let the terminal show a QR code, which the shopper then scans with their mobile device. You can use this for example to direct the shopper to a site where they can sign up for your loyalty program, download your app or some documents, or make an online payment.
This is supported on terminals with a display in portrait orientation.

Improved features

  • Alipay and WeChat Pay currently don't support donation transactions like the ones that are made with Adyen Giving for point of sale. If you have signed up for Adyen Giving, we have configured your settings so that the option to donate is not presented when the shopper uses one of these payment methods. We can also exclude other payment methods if you so wish.

  • The latest Dankort cards are based on a new public key, so we ensured our payment terminals accept such cards as well as the older Dankort cards.

  • The Terminal API payment response for gift card transactions now includes the acquirer response.

  • For gift card payments, you can now define whether a PIN is required, and whether the expiry date is required. These properties are configurable for each card entry method (scan, swipe, MKE) separately. Contact our POS Support Team.

Fixed issues

  • In your Customer Area you can define receipt printing settings for your payment terminals. However, the setting to skip printing the merchant and/or shopper receipt for referenced refunds on the V400m didn't work.

  • When a shopper provided a signature on the payment terminal display, the signature wasn't included in the Terminal API payment response.

  • There were issues with configuration updates on e285 payment terminals.