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VOS release notes V1.49

The V1.49 release is not compatible with MX925 payment terminals.

New features

Checking the remaining battery charge

It is now possible to check the battery charge level of a payment terminal from the cash register. You could then alert your staff when they need to recharge the terminal.
To check the battery charge, make a DiagnosisRequest. In the response, the AdditionalResponse shows the charge level as a percentage of fully charged.

Single tap card acquisition and payment for contactless transactions

When you make a card acquisition request followed by a payment request using the card details obtained in the card acquisition, shoppers should perceive this as a single action. So the payment terminal prompts for the card only once. This now also works seamlessly for contactless transactions: The shopper needs to tap their card only once. Previously, this only worked if the transaction amount was the same in both requests.

Ask our POS Support Team to enable this for you.

Fixed issues

  • Referenced full refunds failed when the original transaction was approved offline.
  • With an Android integration, boarding a terminal by scanning a QR code on the terminal didn't work.
  • Transactions with Manual Keyed Entry (MKE) failed if the payment request referenced a preceding card acquisition request.
  • When the automatic brand selection was bypassed on a dual-branded card, it was not possible to cancel the transaction.
  • In Oracle Symphony, the mcpremiumcredit payment method variant was reported as cash.