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VOS release notes V1.51


  • As a validated Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) partner, we have launched a new integration with Oracle Retail Xstore and EFTLink. This guarantees compatibility with all new versions of Xstore and EFTLink, and support for a wider range of features. Refer to the Oracle Retail EFTLink Validated OPI Partners Guide


  • When a card acquisition request is followed by an invalid payment request, the payment terminal waits for a valid request until a time-out occurs. Store staff can now cancel the flow by pressing the red button on the terminal keypad.
  • When a payment is partially authorised, for example when a shopper pays part of the amount due with a gift card, the payment terminal now shows Approved [amount paid] out of [full amount] on the display.
  • When you use the Terminal API to activate a gift card, the response now includes the StoredValueAccountStatus. If the gift card was already activated, the request fails and the response includes a "card already activated" error condition.


  • When Adyen Giving is configured, we no longer prompt for a donation after a gift card transaction.
  • When you make an InputRequest , the payment terminal now times out after the number of seconds specified in the MaxInputTime field, instead of using the default time-out.
  • When the payment request specifies the payment is to be done with a gift card ("PaymentInstrumentType":"StoredValue") the payment terminal no longer accepts other payment methods, such as credit or debit cards.