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VOS release notes V1.52

The V1.52 release is not available for e285 payment terminals.


  • Card Acquisition is now supported with our Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) integration with Oracle Retail.

  • We implemented the Value Added Services (VAS) protocol, which can support your loyalty program. When used with Apple VAS wallets, you can collect customer data and IDs through NFC. See NFC-enabled passes.


  • On the UX300 unattended payment terminal, it is now possible to test the connection with the Adyen payments platform using the Network > Test PSP connection option in the Admin menu.

  • When a terminal is not able to start all applications successfully, it falls back to a service mode and shows a message. This service mode message was not always clearly visible in combination with a custom logo. Therefore, we now show the default Adyen logo when there's a service mode message.

  • The BSSID and the signal strength of the Wi-Fi connection are now shown in the Admin menu, under Network > Wi-Fi. This applies to:

    • P400 Plus
    • V400c Plus
    • V400m

  • When a payment terminal is boarded, Wi-Fi is enabled automatically if a Wi-Fi profile is configured in the Customer Area.

  • On the currency conversion screen and receipts, we changed Service fee to Markup. This ensures our DCC feature remains compliant with the regulations from all card schemes.

  • We ensured our payment terminals are able to securely process the latest Cartes Bancaires cards, which are based on new keys.

  • We no longer show a zero amount (0.00) while the terminal waits for a response from our platform when you make a card acquisition with a zero amount or no amount, or when you check the balance of a gift card.

  • When you use an input request to ask the shopper for their signature outside of a payment, the shopper can now select an on-screen button to clear their input and try again.

  • When you make a display request to show a virtual receipt on the terminal display, you are free to specify your own header text. We no longer automatically add Your items.


  • We fixed an issue where in some exceptional cases a maintenance call started while the terminal was in the middle of a transaction.

  • For the e285 payment terminal, we fixed the rendering of the screens where necessary.

  • The French tipping screen now renders correctly with the correct translations.

  • We solved an issue with accepting contactless payments with a co-branded payment card.

  • The Terminal API now returns an error when the message header and the body of a request are for different request types. Previously there was no response, only an event notification after the request timed out.

  • If you make a referenced refund while the network connection is down, the refund is now declined with an error condition of UnreachableHost.

  • The OPI transaction Void or Refund works as expected again.

Known issue

  • When making an unreferenced refund, the minus symbol for the amount is missing.