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VOS release notes V1.53


  • We support a new payment method: Ikano gift cards.


  • If you configured a remote Wi-Fi profile in the Customer Area and then board a terminal with a SIM card, the remote profile is selected on the terminal and Wi-Fi is enabled. If no remote Wi-Fi profile exists, Wi-Fi is not enabled automatically.

  • When you make a payment request while an input request is waiting for the user to provide input, the payment request overrides the input request. In this situation, we previously sent an event notification after the input request timed out. Now we send an input response indicating that the input request was closed because of the payment request.

  • In a Terminal API integration, you can now force the card entry mode in your payment requests and card acquisition requests as follows:

    • If you specify a TransactionConditions.ForceEntryMode cluster, the terminal only allows the entry modes specified in the cluster.
    • If the TransactionConditions.ForceEntryMode cluster contains Keyed, the terminal only allows manual keyed entry.

  • When the terminal has started a maintenance call when it receives a payment request, the terminal now waits a few seconds for the maintenance call to finish and then processes the payment. If the maintenance call takes longer to finish, the terminal sends a "Busy" payment response.

  • When you use Adyen Giving in a Terminal API integration, you can now pass a new AskGiving tender option in your payment request. This gives you control over when to ask for a donation.


  • When a gift card operation fails because the connection dropped, you now receive a more informative response with:

    • ErrorCondition: UnreachableHost
    • AdditionalResponse: Failed to go online

  • In library integrations, the tender option getAdditionalData did not work for magnetic stripe transactions.

  • Updating the Bluetooth base station no longer fails after upgrading the terminal software from an older version (before V1.50) to V1.52.

  • Solved an issue that caused several declined transactions with a refusal reason of Unmapped-1.

  • We fixed issues with eftpos cards that caused lower conversion rates.

  • The known issue from the previous release where the minus symbol for the amount was missing when making an unreferenced refund, is now resolved.