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VOS release notes V1.54


We added several new payment methods:

  • Pay by Link in Store: this allows a shopper to complete the payment without having to touch the terminal. You initiate a payment like you normally do, and after a short delay a Pay by Link QR code appears on the terminal. The shopper scans this with the camera app on their phone and selects the link to complete the payment online. This means you can also offer online payment methods like giropay, iDEAL, and Interac Online.

  • PayPal: this is a QR code wallet payment method. The shopper selects the PayPal wallet on the terminal, scans the QR code with their phone, and completes the payment in the PayPal app.

  • Intersolve gift cards: we expanded the range of local Intersolve-issued gift cards that we support.


  • In our Oracle Symphony integration, we now map the check number from the Oracle system to the merchant reference on our platform.

  • With Oracle Retail on POS, you can now make text input requests. This allows you for example to ask the shopper to enter their email address.

  • For better insight into the battery life of terminals, we improved the logging of details like charge remaining; how long the battery was charged; how long the terminal was active, in standby mode, and in sleep mode while on battery power; and so on. This information is available on request through our POS Support Team.

  • Previously the option to connect a P400 terminal to the cash register using only a USB cable without additional power supply, didn't work as expected. The terminal switched to a low power mode, shutting down its Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections, because it detected 5V while it needs 5.6W of power. If your cash register can supply 5V with 5.6W, the terminal now continues to run normally in this setup, because Verifone recently implemented a high-power USB mode on P400 terminals.

  • In the communication with the cash register, we now escape non-ASCII characters. This prevents transactions being cancelled when the cash register can't handle those characters.


  • Because major card schemes no longer require a signature as a cardholder verification method, you can enable a setting to skip asking for a signature. With Magstripe transactions however, this setting was ignored.

  • For Interac chip transactions, shoppers are prompted to select an account. When a shopper selects the wrong account, the transaction is refused. With a dual-branded card, we then automatically retried the transaction through MasterCard or Visa. However, that is not possible with Interac so the transaction was refused again. Now we repeat the prompt to select an account.

  • The Adyen Giving flow works as expected again.

Known issues

  • On terminals with a built-in printer, the terminal becomes unresponsive when printing the transaction Totals while the terminal is out of receipt paper.