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VOS release notes V1.55


Show images using display requests

You can now engage with your shoppers by showing an image on the terminal display. For example, an advertisement or an offer generated dynamically by the cash register. To do this, you make a DisplayRequest with a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP image encoded to Base64.


In OPI integrations the possibilities for returning additional data were limited. Because Oracle has created a MiscellaneousData response field for Retail transactions, we now include the following additional data in the response:

  • PSP reference
  • Tender reference
  • Merchant reference


  • If manually entering a merchant reference is enabled but standalone processing isn't, we now make sure the terminal doesn't show an opportunity to enter the merchant reference.

  • We fixed an issue where making a referenced refund (ReversalRequest) without tender reference on a terminal that supports multiple currencies resulted in the terminal using the first currency from the list.

  • When the terminal is unable to start a transaction because the battery charge level is too low, we used to send a response with TransactionServer is Temporary Out of Service: Unknown Error. Now we send a response with an ErrorCondition of Device Out and an AdditionalResponse of Low battery: Failed starting transaction: Low Battery.

  • We fixed an issue where on terminals with a built-in printer, the terminal became unresponsive when printing the transaction Totals while the terminal is out of receipt paper.