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3G or 4G

The terminal isn't connecting properly to a 3G or 4G network.

First solution: Increase signal area

First, check the current signal strength:

  1. Open the Admin menu on your terminal:

    1. Press 9 and then the Confirm button. (On some models, it is Confirm and then 9.)
    2. Enter the PIN code for the Admin menu and press the Confirm button.
      Where do I find the Admin PIN?

  2. Go to Network > Cellular/gprs > Cellular settings > Signal. The strength is shown in %.
  3. Walk around with the terminal and monitor the signal percentage to see if it increases:

    • Walk around the area you are in.
    • Walk outside to see if the signal strength increases.
    • Make sure you are not in an area that could block the signal such as a cellar or a bunker.

If the terminal strength does not increase, proceed to the next solution.

If you want 3G or 4G but the terminal keeps connecting to Wi-Fi, then you have both options enabled and the Wi-Fi signal is stronger. To use 3G or 4G, disable Wi-Fi. You can also ask our POS Support team to prioritze 3G/4G over WiFi by requesting this in an email.

Second solution: Check if the SIM card is inserted correctly

You should only remove a SIM card from a LIVE device if you see that there is a problem. Doing so will automatically place the terminal in inventory, and our Support then needs to manually enable the SIM card again.

  1. Remove the back cover from the terminal.
  2. Check whether the SIM card is in the middle slot or inserted incorrectly.
  3. If there is a noticeable issue, take the SIM card out.
  4. Insert the SIM card again, and make sure it's inserted as instructed in the terminal's Verifone user manual.
  5. If this is a LIVE terminal, contact our POS Support team to reactivate the SIM.

Advanced solution: Determine if 3G/4G has been enabled on your merchant account

Depending on your contract, we enable 3G/4G on your merchant account before you receive your terminal. If for some reason this setting wasn't enabled, the 3G/4G connection will not work.

Check with our POS Support team to make sure this setting is enabled.

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