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The terminal's Bluetooth connection isn't working properly.

This error only occurs with integrated systems, which include a secondary device that is connected to the terminal, such as a cash register.

Solution: Reconnect your device to the terminal

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device (not the terminal).
  2. Open the Admin menu on your terminal:

    1. Press 9 and then the Confirm button. (On some models, it is Confirm and then 9.)
    2. Enter the PIN code for the Admin menu and press the Confirm button.
      Where do I find the Admin PIN?

  3. Select Network.
  4. Select either iOS or Android (depending on which type of device you are using).
  5. Select Paired devices.
  6. Select Pair new device.
  7. On your device, search for the terminal name and select it.
    When connected, both devices show a confirmation message.
  8. Select Ok on both devices.

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