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Boleto Bancário

Boleto Bancário often referred to as Boleto, is a cash-based payment method used in Brazil.

A boleto is a bank payment slip that entitles the receiver a credit with the exact amount specified on the receipt.

Boletos always include:

  • Issuer bank information.
  • 44-digit ID field, which holds the same information as the bar code.
  • Bar code, which holds the same information as the ID field.
  • Payable amount value.
  • Due date/Expiry date.
  • Shopper statement: Customizable payment instructions to shoppers.

Shoppers can pay a boleto at an ATM, a bank, an approved facility, or through their bank's online banking system. After the boleto is paid, the bank sends Adyen a file confirming the payment. The confirmation is received in one business day. However, it may require up to 3-6 business days after the payment date in case of holidays. If a boleto has not been paid before the due date, the corresponding transaction remains open at Customer Area for 15 days.

When a Boleto payment is submitted, the Adyen payments platform returns a response with an URL in the boletobancario.url field. The URL points to a downloadable PDF copy of the boleto that the shopper needs to proceed with their payment. You can redirect the consumer to it so that they can complete the payment at an ATM, a bank or an approved facility.

The PDF is available until it expires. When a boleto expires, Adyen automatically updates its status to Offer cancelled in the customer area. The response includes the expiry date, in the expirationDate field. The expiry date is calculated by adding 15 days to the Boleto payment request value that is passed with the boleto payment request:

expirationDate = deliveryDate + 15 days

Boletos contain sensitive information like the consumer's address and their CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, a unique identifier that is very similar to the Social Security Number in the USA).

The URL to the downloadable PDF boleto that Adyen provides is not available via a direct link. If you want to download the PDF to make it available on your system make sure that it is only available from a secure location.

If you store the file in a publicly available area, make sure that the content is not indexed to prevent search engines from accessing the PDF and including it in their search result pages.

To exclude content from being indexed by search engines, add the following HTTP header where the file is served:

X-Robots-Tag: noindex


When creating a boleto transaction in the Adyen payments platform, we send you the following information:

  • PENDING status notification, as soon as the boleto transaction is created in the Adyen payments platform.
  • The notification also includes an additionalData.acquirerReference field. You may want to store this data, as it corresponds to the Nosso Numero, i.e. the reference ID at the bank on the boleto slip.
  • When we receive a confirmation from the bank that the boleto is paid, we send you an AUTHORISATION status notification.