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Click to Pay and Masterpass are digital payment services built by Mastercard. Click to Pay is available in the United States. Masterpass is available in other regions.

These services allow shoppers to securely store card and shipping information in a digital wallet provided by Mastercard. After registering, shoppers can pay online by selecting a Click to Pay or Masterpass button at checkout.

Follow the steps below to integrate Mastercard's Click to Pay and Masterpass solutions.

Step 1: Integrate the Masterpass SDK

To sign up for a Click to Pay or Masterpass merchant account, and integrate the Masterpass service, follow the steps outlined in the merchant onboarding guide:

When setting up Click to Pay or Masterpass for Adyen, consider the following:

Sign up

  • Make sure you review the instructions listed in the merchant integration requirements at

    These instructions refer to Masterpass - but the same steps apply for integrating with Click to Pay.

  • When setting up a business profile, choose an option to work with PSP under PCI DSS Compliancy section and select Adyen as your supported PSP from the dropdown.
  • When setting up Payment Settings, do not configure Acquirer setup for 3DS, as 3D Secure authentication is managed outside of Masterpass checkout using Adyen 3DS Merchant Plug-in (MPI) and 3DS setup is managed by Adyen.

Integrate and test

Step 2: Send the Transaction ID to Adyen

Once you have successfully integrated with Masterpass, you will receive a unique Transaction ID for each transaction upon checkout. This ID must be submitted to Adyen's /authorise endpoint in order to process the payment.

This Transaction ID is the value of the oauth_verifier parameter in the query string of the Masterpass Callback URL. The shopper's browser is redirected to this Callback URL after each transaction. You must specify the Callback URL to use in your account in the Masterpass merchant portal or include it as a JavaScript parameter when the Masterpass UI is invoked.

For mobile integrations, you must specify an app URL value in the Masterpass merchant portal. The callback will be received in your merchant application rather than on a server. Refer to the relevant Mobile Integration guide for more details.

The following example demonstrates how to submit this API request. The Transaction ID value must be set to the masterpass.transactionId parameter included into the additionalData object.

   "reference":"Your Reference Here",
      "masterpass.transactionId":"==Transaction ID as retrieved from Masterpass =="

You need an existing merchant account to be able to submit payment requests to the Adyen payments platform. For more information, refer to Get started with Adyen.

3D Secure integration with Masterpass

You can also enable 3D Secure as a part of the checkout process. However, the 3D Secure flow is handled outside of the Masterpass checkout flow.

Therefore, follow the regular integration guidelines to enable this functionality on your merchant account where all the 3D Secure protocols of other payment schemes are set up. For more information, refer to 3D Secure.

Step 3: Go live

Once you have completed the steps above and tested your integration, you can request production access. The solution will need to be put into production by both Mastercard and Adyen:

  • For Masterpass, request production access via the Masterpass portal as instructed in the on-boarding guide. Once your production access is granted, follow the instruction for setting up production keys.
  • For Adyen, before you can accept live payments, you need to submit a request for Masterpass in your live Customer Area.

Masterpass support contacts

  • In case you have any query related to integration and onboarding tasks for Masterpass, contact the Mastercard merchant integration support team at
  • Once you are live, raise any production queries related to Masterpass checkout to Mastercard customer support team at